Interactive Political Script W/Call To Action Sample

Interactive Political Script W/Call To Action Sample

Hello, may I speak with ___(Target Callers Name)___. This is __(Your Name)___ calling on behalf of ___(Your Company or Campaign). This is a courtesy call on belf of the ___"Get Out & Vote Campaign____. Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican we know that you're an American & we want to make sure that every registered Casts a Ballot this year. This election is one of the most important in years. Issues such as National Security, Taxes, and Healthcare will all be affected by this election, and we want every voters Voice To Be Heard.

Can we expect you to get to the polls and vote [sometime between now and] __(ELECTION DATE)


If the Target Caller Sais "YES"--Great! Thanks for your time. Goodbye.


UNDECIDED/NO Well, we want to remind you that this is a very important election – there’s a lot at stake – and you can voice your opinion by going to the polls and voting. Let me ask, what's holding you back? (Listen To The Target Callers Response)

(Segway/transition) "I can appreciate that however"

(Deliver proper Rebuttal)

"Think about how great you’ll feel casting your vote, making your voice heard, and being part of this historic election process. If you're not urged to vote for a party then PLEASE: Vote for America and vote because you're proud to be an American. In case you decide to vote, would you like information about where your polling place is? [If yes to polling place, say] No problem, we can easily look that up for you and get back to you with the information. Thanks for your time. Goodbye.