Phone script Samples for Political GOTV Campaigns

About Phone Banking Scripts

Convincing someone to not only listen, but to support your idea, whether it be Political stance or Sales Pitch. Now add another factor "You're on the phone". Seems near impossible right? Wrong! It takes planning and an advanced understanding of human behavior coupled with product knowledge.

Your telemarketing campaign can be successful no matter the what the pitch if your script is written and tested correctly. Below you'll find Suggestions and ideas of how a script may look or sound but only with hard work and determination will you build the script that will make you famous. So don't give up. Some scripts are tweaked and adjusted for years before they reach that point of near perfection. First thing is to understand the most common types of Call Center Scripts.

Script Samples


Standard Script

A standard script is a one that has the agent ask a single question gain a response and offer a rebuttal in a sort of conversational back-and-forth with the caller during the call. This method is both quick and ment to be "Non-Combative" this is best used to send a message and generally introduce yourself or your company.


Interactive Script

An interactive script is one that engages more than twice conversationally with the "Target Caller" This is best used to push a light issue.


Interactive Script with a Call to Action

An interactive script with a Call to Action is an interactive script that also doesn't just take NO for an answer. This type of script allows the Agent to ask the caller "Why" and then hear the answer and deliver possibly 1 out of 5 predetermined rebuttals.

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Expert Thoughts

There are many types of scripts out there and deciding on course of action and implementation can be tedious much of time. Reach out to professionals that have been doing this for years and who deal in scripts and marketing everyday. Call People's Voice USA Frank Mitchel -